Rules of Civility Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Amor Towles
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1. The epigraph of the novel Rules of Civility is taken from what text?

The Bible.

2. The Preface of Rules of Civility is told from whose point of view?

The as-yet-unnamed protagonist's.

3. What is the location of the art exhibit in the Preface?

The Museum of Modern Art.

4. The epigraph's last three words, "few are chosen" (vi) refers to what theme?


5. What is the setting of the epigraph of Rules of Civility?

A wedding.

6. In what year does the Preface take place?


7. What is the last name of the novel's protagonist, whose first name is Katey?


8. What type of art is the focus of the exhibit attended by Katey and Val in the Preface?


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