Rules of Civility Character Descriptions

Amor Towles
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This character is the protagonist of the novel. She is tall and attractive, with chestnut hair and fair skin. In 1938, she is 25 and is living on her own in Manhattan. She had grown up in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother had left the family and her father had passed away when this character was 19.


This character is a handsome young man of 28t in 1938, with brown hair, royal blue eyes, and a star-shaped blush on his cheeks. This character had grown up in Massachusetts. He sells coal mines and other securities. He lives in uptown Manhattan at the Beresford, a 22-story apartment building. His apartment is sleek and modern, with art deco accessories and Stuart Davis paintings.


This character is the friend and roommate of the protagonist. This character had grown up in Indiana, at the upper end of the socioeconomic scale. She is a natural...

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