Rule of the Bone Character Descriptions

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This character is a rebellious boy with a nose ring and mohawk.


This character is a middle-aged Rastafarian from Jamaica.

Sister Rose/Froggy

This character has to be weaned off drugs and smiles while gardening.


This character is an alcoholic and is physically abusive of his family.

Chappie's mother

This character works as a receptionist at a clinic.

Chappie's Grandmother

This character is suspicious of her son-in-law and his influence on her daughter.

Nancy Riley

This character is an unemployed single mom who is addicted to crack cocaine.

Buster Brown

This character identifies himself as an actor, but he is primarily a con artist.

Bruce Walther

This character is the leader of the Adirondack Iron biker gang and is an Iraq War Veteran.


This character is the most violent, unpredictable of the Adirondack Iron bikers.

Wanda Lagrange

This character owns the Video Den and...

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