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Chapters 1-2

• Chappie is in summer school to avoid flunking the 8th grade. He and his friend Russ, who lives with some bikers, do pot.

• Chappie pawns off things around the house to pay for his pot addiction. He finds a briefcase in his mother's closet with coins in it. He pawns these for pot.

• He comes home one day to see his mother crying and thinks Ken has been beating her. She has found the missing coins that were from her grandmother.
• Ken beats him, and he runs away. He comes back the next day to collect his things. He takes the rifle from his mother's closet and shoots up her room.

• He takes a job as a drug dealer, and sleeps on Russ's couch. He pays his rent by providing Russ and the bikers with pot.

• At Christmastime, he wants to be reconciled with his family...

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