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Charles Stross
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What anomaly is Kemal unable to account for this week?
(a) There is a sharp increase in spam.
(b) There have been no new crimes reported.
(c) There have been no new botnets and spam has fallen.
(d) There has been no contact from head office.

2. What does Adam suggest the bread mix might be?
(a) A medium for smuggling.
(b) A distilling kit.
(c) A drug additive.
(d) A test.

3. What is Rule 34?
(a) If you can imagine it, there's pornography about it on the Internet.
(b) No operation is too large or too small to be taken seriously.
(c) Never trust a criminal.
(d) Once a criminal, always a criminal.

4. Where does Anwar go after leaving his parole officer?
(a) To pick up his kids from school.
(b) Home to his wife.
(c) Job hunting.
(d) To a pub at the top of Easter Road.

5. What is the Operations primary concern after talking to the Toymaker?
(a) That his medication be replaced.
(b) That he replace his luggage.
(c) That he not forget the target.
(d) That he find a new client.

Short Answer Questions

1. What site does Stuart log into to download the templates he needs?

2. How does the Toymaker get to his first interview?

3. What is the Toymaker asked to provide?

4. What is organized crime dependent on?

5. Who sends the visiting trade delegation to the consulate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Internet primarily made up of now?

2. Why does Anwar believe that he deserves to die?

3. What happens as Liz is on the way to work?

4. What job does Tariq ask Anwar to do for him?

5. What does Dorothy do for a living?

6. What authority did Kemal come to Scotland with the first time?

7. What does Dickie describe as 'all the rage' to Liz?

8. What kind of job does Stuart take on to pay his debt to Operations?

9. Why is Bibi's mother so upset when Anwar gets home?

10. What happens during the most recent move the Toymaker makes and who does he hold responsible?`

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