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Charles Stross
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Liz figure out almost immediately?
(a) Anwar is involved.
(b) Anwar is hiding something.
(c) Anwar is not the killer.
(d) Anwar is her best lead to the Toymaker.

2. What is Adam beginning to wonder?
(a) How long he can hold out.
(b) What will happen to Anwar.
(c) Whether he should cash in now.
(d) How ATHENA is making choices on her own.

3. Where does the Toymaker go after Dorothy leaves?
(a) To Anwar's.
(b) To sightsee.
(c) To a bar.
(d) To the restaurant.

4. What kind of review is Dorothy asked to perform?
(a) A PCL-R psychopathy check list.
(b) A personality profile evaluation.
(c) A DCR - L psychology check list.
(d) A deep background check.

5. Where in the house was Tariq killed?
(a) The attic.
(b) The living room.
(c) The bedroom.
(d) The bathroom.

6. What does MacDonald assure them?
(a) That ATHENA will be shut down.
(b) That his use of ATHENA is within parameters.
(c) That he no longer uses ATHENA.
(d) That ATHENA was not his creation.

7. Where do Liz and Kemal go next?
(a) Dorothy's hotel.
(b) Anwar's office.
(c) Anwar's.
(d) Adam's favorite pub.

8. Who calls Anwar the next day at work?
(a) Sameena.
(b) Bibi.
(c) The Toymaker.
(d) Tariq.

9. Where do Liz and Kemal go to do the interview?
(a) Peachtree Tower.
(b) Figtown Tower.
(c) Plumtree Tower.
(d) Appleton Tower.

10. What room is the Toymaker in?
(a) Room 604.
(b) Room 352.
(c) Room 502.
(d) Room 452.

11. Where does he ask Liz to take him before checking in at work?
(a) A friend's house.
(b) His mother's house.
(c) His hotel.
(d) A restaurant.

12. What does Liz tell Dorothy after she reveals her encounter with John Christie?
(a) That he is harmless.
(b) That she wants to meet him.
(c) That she is lucky to be alive.
(d) That she would love to double date.

13. What are researchers trying to accomplish with ATHENA?
(a) An impartial witness to crime.
(b) A way to police without the human factor.
(c) A way to tell Spam from ham.
(d) A way to avoid injuries.

14. How does Felix respond to the threat from one of his delegates?
(a) He promises to identify them all as well.
(b) He suggests they choose life over betrayal.
(c) He agrees to shut down early.
(d) He threatens to send the Toymaker.

15. Why is the Toymaker unhappy with Operations?
(a) His identities are those of former serial killers.
(b) His last payment didn't clear.
(c) His medication was shorted.
(d) His assets have not been replaced.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Adam tell Anwar?

2. What is the Toymaker's new identity?

3. What does the Toymaker have already waiting for Anwar in the attic?

4. Why is Bibi so angry with Anwar when he gets home?

5. Why is the Toymaker especially unhappy?

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