Objects & Places from Rule 34

Charles Stross
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Royal Terrace Gardens

This is a small pub that sits uphill from the top of Easter Road, close to the Royal Terrace Gardens.


This is the augmented-reality interface to all the intelligent and policing databases that are required to do the job.


This is the policing database for evidence and case management.


This is an acronym for a policing database for personnel assignments.


This is the policing database for intelligence oversight.

Amir Hotel

This is the place Anwar stays when going for his job interview as honorary consul.

Charlie Hotel Investigation

This is another name for the Culpable Homicide Investigation.

Gruppo Anticrimine Tecnologico

This is a segment of the Guardia di Finanza, which is the national financial, customs and economic police.

Operation Babylon

This is the name given to the investigation of several similar murders in varying jurisdictions and regions.


This is the...

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