Rule 34 Multiple Choice Test Questions

Charles Stross
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Part One: Liz: Red Pill, Blue Pill and Anwar: Job Interview

1. Who sends Liz an IM telling her that an Inspector is wanted on a fatal accident scene?
(a) Sergeant Elvis.
(b) Sergeant McDougall.
(c) Constable Berman.
(d) Sergeant Jase.

2. How does McDougall describe the scene for Liz?
(a) A two-wetsuit job.
(b) A double-trouble job.
(c) A kinky minky.
(d) A shnook for the books.

3. Who was the first on the scene?
(a) The victim's accountant.
(b) The victim's cleaner.
(c) The victim's driver.
(d) The victim's barber.

4. What is the name of the section that Liz is usually in charge of?
(a) The Interface Division.
(b) The Rule 34 Squad.
(c) The Bots Squad.
(d) The West Enders Squad.

5. How does Liz get to the crime scene?
(a) In a taxi.
(b) On a subway.
(c) On a Segway.
(d) In a patrol car.

6. In what country does this novel take place?
(a) England.
(b) U.S.
(c) Scotland.
(d) Ireland.

7. Where does Anwar go after leaving his parole officer?
(a) Job hunting.
(b) Home to his wife.
(c) To pick up his kids from school.
(d) To a pub at the top of Easter Road.

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