Rule 34 Fun Activities

Charles Stross
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Keep the Neighborhood Safe!

You've been elected by the neighborhood to create and organize a neighborhood watch group. Design a plan to patrol and protect the are you live in. Assign shifts, and routes that most require patrol. In your capacity as defacto Captain, you are also responsible for safety equipment, weapons, etc.

Truth or Dare?

Time for a game of Truth or Dare? Tell the truth - what is the most embarrassing position you've ever been in and how did you respond? If you can't or won't describe this truth in detail, your dare is to come to school dressed and behaving like your hero.

Internet Assessor

You've got a new job! Describe your new job as internet assessor.

Design Your Own AI

What would you design an artificial intelligence to monitor? What parameters would it be based on to not hurt people? How would it be...

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