Rule 34 Character Descriptions

Charles Stross
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Detective Inspector Liz Kavanaugh

A thirty-eight year old who became a graduate entry into the Lothian and Borders Police in a program of Accelerated Promotion for Graduates at the age of twenty-two.

Toymaker (aka John Christie); Peter Manuel; and Able November

An operative who goes by the code name Able November and is employed by The Operation.

Anwar Hussein

A British Muslim who is on probation, having recently completed the custodial portion of a sentence in Saughton.


The research group funded by the European Research Council.

Dorothy Straight

An auditor whose job it is to locate and report corporate malfeasance.

Adam (Gnome)

A man who lives his life balanced between legal and illegal worlds, but has never been caught for anything.


The Toymaker's predecessor, whose death results in the Toymaker being sent to reestablish the Operation's presence.

Chief Inspector Dickie MacLeish

Liz's superior.

Michael Blair (Mikey)

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