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Charles Stross
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Part One: Liz: Red Pill, Blue Pill and Anwar: Job Interview

• "Rule 34" is a story that examines policing in Scotland in the future

• Society is crime riddled and requires the kind of policing that is monitored by artificial intelligence

• Liz is an Inspector who is at the end of her shift when a FATACC scene is assigned to her

• The first person on the scene is the victim's cleaner, and is attended to by Constable Berman

• Berman calls Jase McDougall in, who then calls in Liz and tells her it is a 'two-wetsuit' kind of job

• Liz secures a Segway to get to the crime scene and one look tells her she won't be going home soon

• The deceased was arrested previously for illegal advertising online and unlicensed pharmaceutical sales

• One look at the victim tells Liz that she will likely miss her hair appointment
• Four weeks previously...

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