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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Leroy tell Molly she can't ride a motorcycle?

2. What does Leroy do to prove his heterosexuality in Part 2: Chapter 7?

3. Who is Molly dating during her senior year?

4. What is the only reason people get married, according to Molly in Part 1: Chapter 4?

5. What kind of box does Molly use in the trick she plays on Earl Stambach?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Molly refuse to be Chrys' kept woman?

2. In Part 2: Chapter 6, what is Leroy upset about when he and Molly discuss whether or not Molly might be gay?

3. Why do you think Molly is not terribly concerned about the fact that she is adopted?

4. Why does Molly return home after running away when she learned of being adopted?

5. Why is Holly upset when Molly agrees with her statement that perhaps the two shouldn't see each other anymore?

6. Why does Molly decide to go to Paul Digita's class?

7. What do Molly's actions toward Leroy following Jennifer's death reveal about her character?

8. In Part 2: Chapter 8, what is the major difference between how Molly and Leroy view adult romantic relationships?

9. Why is it so important to Carrie that Molly play with girls like Cheryl Spiegelglass?

10. At the end of the novel, why is Molly bitter about the way her life has turned out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Molly makes many friends throughout the book. What affect do her friendships have on her life? Which friendships affect her positively? Which affect her negatively? In instances when Molly loses a friend, what is the cause? Are the causes for her lost friendships similar for each? What does this say about Molly?

Essay Topic 2

Expound on the topic of power. How does it affect Molly throughout her life? Does she have a desire for power? When she has power, how does it affect her life? How does having power affect the characters in Rubyfruit Jungle? Who is helped by the use of power? Who abuses power?

Essay Topic 3

Molly experiences death a few times in Rubyfruit Jungle. How does she react to death in each of these instances? What do her reactions reveal about her as a person? Does the sorrow of those around her make her uncomfortable? Is she able to cope with her own sorrow? Cite specific examples from the book.

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