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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the only times that Molly thought men were allowed to touch prior to seeing Ep and her father on the night of Jennifer's burial?
(a) While attending church services.
(b) While dancing.
(c) While playing sports.
(d) While shaking hands and fighting.

2. Why does Molly decide to stay home more following Carl's death?
(a) To do the chores Carl did before his death.
(b) To keep Carrie from being lonely.
(c) Because she is depressed.
(d) Because she's happier at home now that Carl is gone.

3. What does Mr. Beers agree to do for Connie Pen?
(a) Allow her to not participate in gym class.
(b) Appoint her newspaper editor next school year.
(c) Change her grades to straight As.
(d) Give her the lead part in the school play.

4. In Part 1: Chapter 3, what won't Molly's mother allow her to do with Leroy?
(a) Sleep in Leroy's room with him.
(b) Attend Jennifer's funeral.
(c) Hug.
(d) Go camping.

5. Why does Leroy plan to drop out of school?
(a) So he can join the military.
(b) So he can run away.
(c) So he can move back to Pennsylvania.
(d) So he can get a job and buy a motorcycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two types of people does Molly discover in her new school?

2. Who tells Molly that Carl has died?

3. How old is Molly as the book begins?

4. Where do Molly, Carolyn Simpson, and Connie Pen go to drink vodka one night?

5. Why does Carrie tell Leroy he can't stay with Molly during her punishment?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part 2: Chapter 9, what advice does Molly give Carolyn Simpson about having sex with her boyfriend on the morning after Carolyn loses her virginity?

2. How does Molly feel after tricking Earl into eating rabbit feces?

3. What is Molly's view of marriage in Part 1: Chapter 4?

4. Why doesn't Connie want to be friends with Molly after she finds out about Molly's and Carolyn's homosexual relationship?

5. Why does Leota tell Molly that she never thinks about their homosexual experience?

6. Why is it so important to Carrie that Molly play with girls like Cheryl Spiegelglass?

7. What do Molly and Connie Pen do to win over their Latin teacher?

8. Why is Carrie disappointed when Molly is elected student council president?

9. What difference does Molly see in the way black people are treated in the south?

10. What are the consequences of Molly's being caught in her money-making venture with Broccoli?

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