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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Connie Pen become angry at Molly and Carolyn Simpson?
(a) Because they refuse to go to the prom.
(b) Because they break up with their boyfriends.
(c) Because they decide to go to college together.
(d) Because Carolyn pays a lot of attention to Molly.

2. In Chapter 1: Part 1, what does Molly do after she and Carrie argue?
(a) Goes to a friend's house.
(b) Runs away to a nearby woods.
(c) Tells the police Carrie hit her.
(d) Begs Carrie to forgive her.

3. What sets Cheryl Spiegelglass apart from the other children in town?
(a) She is mentally handicapped.
(b) She is in a wheelchair.
(c) She is African American.
(d) Her family has more money.

4. What is Molly's punishment for her behavior with Cheryl Spiegelglass?
(a) Molly is no longer allowed to speak to Cheryl.
(b) Molly cannot ride her bike for the rest of the summer.
(c) Molly has to stay in and learn to act like a young lady.
(d) Molly is made to kneel on grits.

5. What does Molly put in the box that she gives to Earl Stambach?
(a) Dog droppings.
(b) Rabbit droppings.
(c) Poisonous mushrooms.
(d) Worms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Molly do to punish Cheryl Spiegelglass for trying to steal the spotlight in the school's Christmas play?

2. Why doesn't Leroy's family continue to live with Molly's family?

3. Where do Molly and her family move to after Molly's sixth grade year?

4. Who is Craig?

5. When Molly and Carolyn Simpson go to a children's park to get drunk, what peculiar thing does Carolyn do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it so important to Carrie that Molly play with girls like Cheryl Spiegelglass?

2. Why does Molly refuse to be Chrys' kept woman?

3. Why does Molly continue to work for the publishing company even after she graduates from college?

4. Why does Leota tell Molly that she never thinks about their homosexual experience?

5. In Part 4: Chapter 14, why does Molly decide to take a lighter college course load so that she can work days instead of nights?

6. What indication is there that Polina pursues a relationship with Molly only out of curiosity?

7. Do you think Molly's trick on Earl Stambach was an effective way to make him stop "ratting" on her?

8. How does Molly feel after tricking Earl into eating rabbit feces?

9. Why doesn't Carolyn Simpson want any boys around when she gets drunk for the first time?

10. Why does Molly seem to be relieved to discover that Calvin, the man she meets in an abandoned car, is gay?

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