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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Craig?
(a) The man Leroy had a homosexual experience with.
(b) Molly's uncle.
(c) Carrie's lover.
(d) Molly's boyfriend.

2. Upon finding out that Molly and Carolyn Simpson are lovers, what does Connie tell Molly?
(a) That she can no longer be her friend.
(b) That she wishes she were Carolyn.
(c) That she thinks they should get married.
(d) That she is happy for them.

3. Why is Carrie disappointed that Molly is elected student council president?
(a) She'd rather that Molly had been elected prom queen.
(b) She thinks Molly will have to quit her job.
(c) She is jealous.
(d) She thinks it will interfer with Molly's school work.

4. What does Molly tell Earl Stambach the box she gives him is?
(a) A gift for Earl's mother.
(b) A warning.
(c) A treat.
(d) A birthday gift.

5. What does Molly do to Cheryl Spiegelglass when Cheryl tells her she has to be a nurse because she's a girl?
(a) Tells Cheryl she is right.
(b) Punches Cheryl in the mouth.
(c) Runs away crying.
(d) Tells Cheryl she is ugly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carolyn Simpson refuse to do with her boyfriend?

2. When Molly and Carolyn Simpson go to a children's park to get drunk, what peculiar thing does Carolyn do?

3. What are Ep and Molly's father doing when she sees them after sneaking downstairs on the night of Jennifer's burial?

4. What does Molly do to Carrie when Carrie tries to teach her about canning?

5. What secret does Leroy admit to Molly in Part 2: Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Molly feel after tricking Earl into eating rabbit feces?

2. In Part 3: Chapter 11, do you think Carrie is more upset by Molly losing her scholarship or by the revelation of Molly's homosexuality?

3. What were the circumstances under which Calvin got a woman pregnant and then came to New York?

4. Why does Leroy agree to help Molly with her trick on Earl Stambach?

5. Why doesn't Carolyn Simpson want any boys around when she gets drunk for the first time?

6. Why does Leroy tell Earl that the raisin box contains rabbit feces?

7. How does Molly react to seeing Carl hugging Ep to comfort him after Jennifer's death?

8. Why does Leota tell Molly that she never thinks about their homosexual experience?

9. Why does Molly push Cheryl Spiegelglass off the stage during the school play?

10. In Part 3: Chapter 12, what evidence is there that Molly has decided to embrace her homosexuality and sees it as an important part of her life?

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