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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Faye Raider's sorority sisters require her to meet weekly with her pledge-sister?
(a) They like her and want to make sure she stays.
(b) They want her to donate money to the sorority.
(c) They want her to tutor her pledge-sister.
(d) They are concerned about her behavior.

2. What does Miss Marne order Molly to do when she learns that Molly is a lesbian?
(a) Tell her sorority sisters.
(b) Join the college's GLBT organization.
(c) Drop out of school.
(d) See a psychiatrist.

3. How do Calvin and Molly celebrate her earning of $100?
(a) Going dancing.
(b) Getting drunk.
(c) Going to a restaurant for steak.
(d) Going to a movie.

4. Where does Molly work following her college graduation?
(a) Fox studios.
(b) Warner Brothers studios.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) The publisher for whom she worked during college.

5. What does Polina Bellantoni threaten to do to Alice if she doesn't stop seeing Molly?
(a) Polina won't pay for Alice's college education.
(b) Polina will kick Alice out of the house.
(c) Polina will have Molly put in jail.
(d) Polina will lock Alice in her room.

6. How much money does Molly have in her pocket when Carrie refuses to allow her to return home?
(a) $56.35.
(b) $14.61.
(c) $300.00.
(d) $5.00.

7. What happens at the end of Molly's film?
(a) The audience cries.
(b) Molly receives an award.
(c) The audience leaves without a word.
(d) The audience claps wildly.

8. In Part 4: Chapter 17, what does Molly learn has happened to Carrie's sister Florence?
(a) She has moved to Canada.
(b) She got married.
(c) She is very ill.
(d) She died.

9. Why does Molly decide to take fewer courses at college?
(a) So that she can stay in college longer.
(b) So she can work days.
(c) Because she's failing.
(d) So she can work nights.

10. Where in New York does Molly first arrive?
(a) A coffe shop.
(b) Washington Square Park.
(c) NYU.
(d) Central Park.

11. Why do the other women in Molly's dorm stop talking to Molly and Faye Raider?
(a) They believe the two are lesbians.
(b) They are jealous of Faye's money.
(c) They think Faye and Molly cheat on tests.
(d) They don't like the sorority Molly is pledged to.

12. Under what conditions will Carrie allow Molly to stay in her home in Part 4: Chapter 17?
(a) Molly must find a man to date.
(b) Molly must pay rent and clean the house.
(c) Molly must pay for her own food and can't bring women home.
(d) Molly is not allowed to talk to Carrie.

13. How much money does Molly save each week for her weekend outings?
(a) $16.00.
(b) $25.00.
(c) $5.00.
(d) $50.00.

14. What is Polina Bellantoni's fantasy during her love-making with Molly?
(a) Molly must pretend she's a man.
(b) Polina pretends to be a maid.
(c) Polina pretends she doesn't like it.
(d) Polina pretends to be a man.

15. What kind of job does Molly take shortly after arriving in New York?
(a) Waitressing.
(b) Selling clothing.
(c) Washing dishes.
(d) Acting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Holly's ethnicity?

2. How does Calvin tell Molly she can earn a quick $100?

3. What determines Molly's choice of sororities?

4. Why does Molly visit Carrie in Part 4: Chapter 17?

5. What suspicion does Alice reveal to Molly?

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