Rubyfruit Jungle Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Molly.

Molly is a very bright child. She is very independent and creative, as evidenced by her plan to make money with the help of Broccoli. She is also adopted.

2. What are the consequences of Molly's being caught in her money-making venture with Broccoli?

Molly, of course, is in trouble with Carrie for making money by selling opportunities to see Broccoli's uncircumcised penis. However, perhaps the greatest consequence is that Carrie tells Molly that she is not Molly's real mother and that Molly is, in fact, adopted.

3. Why do you think Molly is not terribly concerned about the fact that she is adopted?

Molly may be unconcerned about being adopted because she realizes she is somehow different from her family and that she doesn't fit in. Perhaps she suspected she was not Carrie's real daughter all along.

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