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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Cheryl Spiegelglass think Molly should play the role she is in the school's Christmas play?
(a) Because she thinks a "good girl" should get the role.
(b) Because Molly isn't pretty enough.
(c) Because Molly can't act.
(d) Because Molly shouldn't play the part of a boy.

2. What kind of box does Molly use in the trick she plays on Earl Stambach?
(a) A Kellog's corn flakes box.
(b) A shoe box.
(c) A Sunmaid raisin box.
(d) A cigar box.

3. Who does Carrie warn Molly not to speak to unless absolutely necessary?
(a) Homeless people.
(b) Leroy.
(c) African Americans.
(d) Asian Americans.

4. Who is Carrie?
(a) Molly's best friend.
(b) Molly's teacher.
(c) Molly's adoptive mother.
(d) Molly's birth mother.

5. What secret does Leroy admit to Molly in Part 2: Chapter 6?
(a) That he plans to run away.
(b) That he had a homosexual experience.
(c) That he is in love with Molly.
(d) That he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ruby Drollinger?

2. What does Molly intend to do when she sneaks downstairs the night of Jennifer's burial?

3. In Chapter 1: Part 1, what does Molly do after she and Carrie argue?

4. What do Molly and Brockhurst Detwiler decide to charge extra money for?

5. What advice does Carl give Molly about her plans for her college studies?

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