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Part 1: Chapter 1

• At the start of Part 1: Chapter 1, Molly is seven years old and living in Coffee Hollow, Pennsylvania.

• Molly and her friend Brockhurst, whom she calls Broccoli, devise a plan to make money by selling the opportunity to see Broccoli's uncircumcised penis; they decide that touching will cost extra.

• Another child tells on Molly and Broccoli, which angers Molly's adoptive mother, Carrie. Carrie, in a moment of anger, tells Molly she has shamed her and that she is the illegitimate child of Ruby Drollinger.

• Molly doesn't feel the circumstances of her birth are important, but is somewhat concerned about what her friends will think.

• Molly wonders what ethnicity her birth mother is and believes Ruby couldn't have loved her very much.

Part 1: Chapter 2

• At the beginning of Part 1: Chapter 2, Molly is eleven and her family lives with her cousin Leroy's family.

• Molly comes up with a plan...

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