Royal Flash, from the Flashman Papers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Harry Flashman's character.

Captain Harry Flashman is a captain in the Horse Guards. Due to his exploits in Afghanistan, he is well loved as one of England's heroes. Flash takes full advantage of this status, gallavanting around London.

2. How does Flash react when he hears his wife has been unfaithful?

Upon Flash's return home, he discovers that his wife, Elspeth, has been unfaithful. Flash knows confronting her will only result with her throwing him out. Instead, Flash returns to his former role as socialite and carouser.

3. What disappoints Flash about the Victorian era?

Flash expresses his disappointment with the Victorian era. He feels its stuffy morals have contributed to a more demure style of dress and less action during the night.

4. How do Flash and Speedicut escape the police?

Flash and Speedicut get away from the police by helping to hide a young man to escape. They then climb out onto the roof and jump from building to building until its safe to climb down to the street.

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