Royal Flash, from the Flashman Papers Character Descriptions

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Captain Harry Flashman

He is a handsome man who enjoys his waning status among the upper class. Part of his appeal comes from his outrageous spending habits, paid for in part by family money, a fact he is never allowed to forget.

Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Rosanna James aka Lola Montez

She proves cleverness every time she reinvents herself. The first reinvention is as a famed Spanish dancer.

Baron Otto Bismarck

He is a Prussian soldier who discovers Flash hiding in Rosanna's carriage.

Tom Perceval

He is one of Flash's friends.

Jack Gully

He is a former boxing champion and friend to Flash.


He is Flash's closest friend and is always up for an adventure.

Prince Carl Gustaf

He is the crown prince of Denmark, son of King Christian, and future ruler of Stackenz.

Duchess Irma of Strackenz

She is the19-year-old ruler of Strackenz who is betrothed...

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