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Robin Hobb
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fitz realize when he takes the king's hand?

2. Why does Duke Brawndy request Fitz's presence?

3. Who is going to go look for the Elderlings?

4. Who does Fitz accidentally skill?

5. What do Molly and Fitz do after they run into each other?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Fitz as the result of being the go between for Verity and Shrewd to communicate?

2. What does Kettricken do to sooth Duke Brawndy's feelings? Why do you think she did this?

3. What happens when Fitz and Burrich go to Shrewd so he can skill and find out if Verity is alive?

4. What does Duke Brawndy tell Fitz and how does he feel about that? What do you think it says about Fitz that he's willing to see Celerity?

5. Do the Red ship warriors seem to attack in the battle at Neatbay? What do some people call Fitz after the battle?

6. In Chapter 18, what does Patience tell Fitz about Molly and what does he decide? Do you think it should be his decision alone?

7. What happens the next time Fitz sees Molly after making a decision based on what Patience told him? Do you think it would be strange to know someone is watching through your eyes when with your girlfriend?

8. Why is Fitz called to see the King? What does he do about it? Do you think what he wrote was believable?

9. In Chapter 17 what happens between Fitz and Molly? Why do you think Molly reacted the way she did?

10. How does Regal obtain more money for his use? What does this tell you about Regal's character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fitz cannot seem to resist Molly. One would think it was "true love" yet he is told he may not marry her.

1. How would you react if you were told at a very early age who you would marry? Would you be willing to obey your parents knowing that there is very little future for an unmarried woman.

2. Even though women have been controlled as far as marriage for centuries, some men are just as "stuck" with an unwanted marriage partner as a women--these are usually nobles who must marry to keep or raise the standing of their families. If you are a man and are told who you would marry and you found that person quite unacceptable, would you give up money and position to defy your parents?

3. Why do you think forced marriages are occurring less and less often even in countries where woman are still quite oppressed?

Essay Topic 2

The next day everyone is ready for vengeance for the attack on Kettricken but she tells them that they should take off their finery and jewels because the ones they are hunting are their brothers and sisters.

1. Discuss what you think Kettricken meant by this statement. Use examples from the book to support your answer.

2. If there was a disease that made people do what Forged individuals do how would you handle the situation if your brothers and sisters were ill?

3. Discuss in detail what Kettricken's statement tells you about her as a person.

Essay Topic 3

In ROYAL ASSASSIN, there seems to be more individuals/groups who are not trustworthy than are: Discuss one of the following:

1. Name two groups/factions/individuals who are untrustworthy and analyze their actions and impact upon the plot throughout Royal Assassin.

2. Name two groups/factions/individuals who are trustworthy and analyze their actions and impact upon the plot throughout Royal Assassin.

3. Who do you think Fitz trusts in this book and is his trust well founded? Who does he mistrust and why? Give specific examples.

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