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Robin Hobb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Molly react to her and Fitz's conversation?
(a) She is excited.
(b) She gets angry.
(c) She leaves in tears.
(d) She is curious.

2. What does Fitz see the next time he is with Molly?
(a) Glimpses of blond hair.
(b) A vision of a little boy running around, maybe his son.
(c) Regal's spies watching through the wall.
(d) A vision of death.

3. What does the letter handed to Kettricken say?
(a) That Kettricken is under arrest for treason.
(b) That Verity is dead.
(c) That Kettricken's father has been killed.
(d) That Regal is dead.

4. Why does Duke Brawndy request Fitz's presence?
(a) To inform Fitz he is under arrest.
(b) To ask Fitz if the Duke's daughter is Fitz's lover.
(c) To tell him he knows about Regal's plot to kill the King.
(d) To ask Fiz to declare himself king and marry the Duke's daughter.

5. What does Fitz find in the map room?
(a) One of Regal's spies.
(b) Jewelry that belonged to Verity's mother.
(c) His father's sword.
(d) Nothing.

6. What does Kettricken ask Fitz about when he visits her?
(a) The Elderlings.
(b) Molly.
(c) Regal.
(d) King Shrewd's illness.

7. What does Fitz know Regal will ensure?
(a) That the Dukes will die before they carry out their plan.
(b) Fitz's escape.
(c) That Fitz will be treated fairly.
(d) Fitz's death.

8. Where does Burrich plan to take Shrewd and Kettricken?
(a) He is not yet certain.
(b) To the ancient ones sanctuary.
(c) To a monastery many leagues away.
(d) To the mountain kingdom that Kettricken came from.

9. What do Fitz and Burrich decide to do?
(a) Ask King Shrewd to use the skill to verify the information Kettricken receives.
(b) Blackmail Regal.
(c) Assassinate Regal.
(d) Go in search of Verity.

10. What does Verity tell Fitz to do about his and Kettricken's conversation?
(a) Bring her to him.
(b) Tell him not to tell her anything.
(c) Swear her to secrecy.
(d) Take her to King Shrewd.

11. Who is stunned by being mentally repelled?
(a) King Shrewd.
(b) Regal's Skill worker.
(c) Verity.
(d) Fitz.

12. Who comes to search Fitz's mind?
(a) King Shrewd.
(b) Regal.
(c) Burrich.
(d) Will.

13. What do Molly and Fitz do after they run into each other?
(a) Go to the palace.
(b) Go horseback riding.
(c) Go to bed.
(d) Have lunch on the beach.

14. Who does Fitz hear through the stone wall?
(a) Kettricken.
(b) King Shrewd.
(c) Chade.
(d) Verity.

15. What concerns Fitz about Chade?
(a) That he is not with Kettricken.
(b) That he will be blamed for Verity's absence.
(c) That Chade will confess under torture.
(d) That he will also be put to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Fitz and the King learn?

2. How do they get Regal and his servant out of King Shrewd's bedroom?

3. About what does Burrich warn Fitz?

4. What does Fitz realize when he arrives at the map room?

5. Why is Chade angry with Fitz?

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