Royal Assassin Short Essay - Answer Key

Robin Hobb
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1. What are the two magics Fitz possesses and what does each magic do?

A man that possesses the Skill can reach another person's mind no matter how far away they are and communicate or even bend that person's actions. The Wit gives a person an ability to communicate with animals. The main character, Fitz, possesses both of these talents although he is not able to fully control his Skill.

2. What is the warning about both magics and how is Wit magic viewed?

There is a warning with both of these gifts that if a person uses them too much that person can become overwhelmed by them. Wit is often called "beast magic" and is looked at as a dark art.

3. Who trains Fitz as an assassin, who knows this and to whom is Fitz sworn in service?

Fitz was approached by Chade, the king's secret assassin, to be trained as an assassin. No one except King Shrewd and the king-in-waiting, Verity, know that Fitz is an assassin and Fitz has sworn his life to the throne and the king.

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