Objects & Places from Royal Assassin

Robin Hobb
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He is the wolf that Fitz saves when he sees him in the market place in a cage.


The town in which Fitz was raised. Most of the story will take place in this town that faces the sea.


The mythical beings that Verity leaves the kingdom to find. Legend says that they are the only ones that can rid their shores of the Red Ships that come to destroy them.

Forged Ones

When the Red Ships attack, they take prisoners. These people are left alive but all emotions are taken from them.

Red Ships

These carry the warriors that come to raid King Shrewd's lands.

Opal Jeweled Bracelet

Kettricken owned this very expensive item that she gives to Duke Brawndy to help rebuild his kingdom when Prince Regal had refused to help them.


Verity gives Fitz many of these to read in the...

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