Royal Assassin Character Descriptions

Robin Hobb
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FitzChivalry Farseer

He is the main character in ROYAL ASSASSIN. He is the bastard grandson of King Shrewd.

Prince Regal Farseer

He is not often seen in the first few chapters of the book although he is spoken of often. The main character, Fitz, has been poisoned by him in the conclusion of the last book and is spending time recovering and thinking a lot of him.

King Shrewd Farseer

He is Fitz's grandfather, although Fitz is never allowed to call him grandfather.

Verity Farseer

He is King Shrewd's middle son and Fitz's uncle. He has the Skill ability and uses it to help keep away Red Ships even though the Skill eats away at him.


She is the queen-in-waiting, wife of Verity. She comes from the Mountain Kingdom and acts much more defiant and capable than what most of the people are used to in their...

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