Royal Assassin Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robin Hobb
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Prologue, Chapter 1-4

• FitzChivalry, the bastard son of a prince, has both skill magic and wit magic.

• He can touch minds with humans with the skill and with animals with the wit.

• Regal, son of the King, hates Fitz and is afraid of him and has him locked up and poisoned.

• He has been trained to be an assassin and has pledged his loyalty to the king.
• Fitz has accidentally linked with King Shrewd and is seeing what he sees. He is still weak from the poison.

• They see red ships off the coast and people being attacked and killed.

• Fitz and Burrich leave to return to Buckkeep and hear gossip on the way that everyone likes Prince Regal.

• People are unhappy that Verity, Regal's brother, wants to tax people to defend against the red ships.
• Fitz wants to go look for Molly but Verity gives him tasks...

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