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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Belvile and Frederic do as the action escalates in the garden?
(a) They run away.
(b) They run after Florinda.
(c) They get into a fight with the guards.
(d) They attempt to defend Willmore.

2. What comment does Pedro make as his servant tells him that Florinda is safe after the attack in the garden?
(a) Drinking and fighting are disgusting habits, leading to debauchery.
(b) Masquerading is a disgusting custom, leading to debauchery.
(c) Masquerading is a great custom, leading to interesting encounters.
(d) He will get his final revenge on these men.

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Willmore tells Florinda before he realizes who she is in the garden?
(a) That it doesn't matter that he doesn't know her name.
(b) How attractive she is.
(c) That he is looking for a girl to marry.
(d) How honest he is.

4. What does Blunt dread the most about his unfortunate incident with Lucetta and her accomplices?
(a) He dreads being hungry and poor.
(b) He dreads his friends finding out.
(c) He dreads losing Lucetta.
(d) He dreads having no money.

5. As Pedro leaves the first scene, what does he tell the maid Callis to do?
(a) Lock Florinda in her room.
(b) Take Hellena to the carnival.
(c) Take the night off.
(d) Lock Hellena in her room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who saves Florinda from Willmore when he is attacking her in Act 3, Scene 5?

2. What was unusual about the author of this play?

3. What does Hellena make Willmore promise after she catches him coming out of Angellica's house?

4. What lie does Willmore tell Hellena when she approaches from the shadows in the first scene of Act 3?

5. Who is Florinda waiting for in the beginning of Act 3, Scene 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Belvile plan to give Florinda time to escape from Pedro's house?

2. How does Belvile respond when Antonio asks why he attacked him outside of Angellica's?

3. Why does Blunt hate all women in general?

4. What kind of book is Blunt reading as Florinda comes in and sees him in Belvile's house?

5. What theme of The Rover does Blunt's costume at the end of the play reinforce?

6. What is Willmore's downfall when he encounters Antonio also waiting outside Angellica's?

7. What does Florinda call Pedro as he repeatedly thwarts her efforts to marry Belvile?

8. What is a soliloquy?

9. Why isn't Phillippo jealous of all the attention Lucetta is paying to Blunt?

10. How does Florinda feel about the way Pedro treats her and why?

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