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Short Answer Questions

1. What title does Jack Williams hold at one time?

2. Why is it difficult to find a good horse in Honolulu?

3. How long does it take the narrator to travel back to the West Coast from Hawaii?

4. How is the Whiteman Cement Mine described?

5. Why did one of the Germans give their map to Mr. Whiteman?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lifestyle does the narrator have in the first few months of his stay in San Francisco, and how does it change dramatically?

2. How long does the narrator stay in Hawaii, and in what way does the author's literary tone change in these chapters?

3. How long is the narrator's trip, and what does he conclude at the end of the story?

4. What is pocket mining and the result of the narrator's attempt at it?

5. Who is Jack Williams and what does his story depict about Nevada in the late 1800s?

6. Why is finding a good horse a difficult task in Hawaii?

7. What difficulties does the narrator have in finding stories to write?

8. How does Nevada change during the flush times, and what are nabobs?

9. What causes the narrator to travel to San Francisco?

10. What is on the islands in the center of Mono Lake?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Great American Desert and the repetitive story of Hank Monk and Horace Greeley both prove to be frustrating for the narrator.

1) Describe how the Great American Desert appears, why it is different than the narrator expects, and the difficulty his stage coach experiences there.

2) Explain what the story of Hank Monk and Horace Greeley is about, how it is presented to the travelers, and why it is the source of frustration for the narrator. Also, include what the intention of the story is meant to be and why it has the opposite effect for the narrator.

3) Describe the literary technique that Twain uses in order to convey the repetitiveness of the story and why he is effective in helping the reader to understand his objection to it.

Essay Topic 2

Slade is a character that depicts the roughness of the West during the late 1800s.

1) Describe Slade's background in detail, including his reputation and how he gained it.

2) Explain how Slade dies and what it represents in the way violent criminals face death.

3) Describe the event that occurs between the narrator and Slade, how the narrator reacts, and what his reasons are.

Essay Topic 3

The situations of Jack Williams and Captain Ned Blakely are used to depict the value placed on reputations in the West during the 1800s.

1) Explain Jack Williams' professions, how they contradict each other, and why the narrator includes his story to describe how retaliation was used in building reputations.

2) Describe the actions of Ned Blakely, the events leading up to the trial, how he influences the verdict, and the way his outlook on retaliation reinforces the point the narrator is making.

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