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1. How long is the Prefatory in Roughing It, and what is its purpose?

The Prefatory for Roughing It is only one page in length. Twain uses the Prefatory to clarify his intentions with the book and to prepare the reader for the upcoming story.

2. As stated in the Prefatory, what is Twain's intention in writing Roughing It?

Twain makes it very clear that Roughing It is not meant to be a pretentious history lesson filled with facts and philosophical lectures. Instead, his intention is to entertain the reader with a story that includes a first hand account of the transformation the Western United States goes through during the late 1860s.

3. How does the author build up the anticipation for the book in the Prefatory?

In the Prefatory, Twain states that the information included in the book is completely original. He continues to say that no other books contain the same information and that none are likely to in the future. This automatically generates interest for readers, who feel that they will gain exclusive knowledge from reading his story.

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