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Lesson 1 (from Prefactory)



Roughing It begins with a Prefatory by Mark Twain that sets up the book's intentions. This lesson is about the purpose of a prefatory in literature.


1) Class Discussion: What is a prefatory? What is the purpose behind adding a prefatory to a book? Why is it necessary for some books, but not in others? Which books specifically benefit the most from having a prefatory? Why? Are there any types of books that would not benefit from one? Why?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes and write down 3 things that a prefatory adds to a book. Afterward, talk about the answers and which ones might apply to Roughing It.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: What is it about the subject of Roughing It that prompts Twain to include a Prefatory? Why does he feel that a certain degree of clarification is warranted? What is...

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