Roughing It Character Descriptions

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Mark Twain (the narrator)

This is the narrator of Roughing It who recounts his adventures as he seeks fortune in the Western territories of the United States in the early 1860's.

Mr. Higbie

This character is a friend of the narrator who is able to recognize an elusive person with a map to gold, and uses their physical size and strength to help the narrator on the quest for fortune.

Irish Brigade

This is a group of fourteen volunteers that act as surveyors and settle on Mrs. O'Flannigan's ranch, where the narrator and his brother live.

Mr. Whiteman (W.)

This is a character that traverses Nevada like a ghost and never appears in the novel, but reportedly has a rough drawing of a map to the location of a rich gold mine.


This character is both feared and respected after being responsible for over 25 murders before crying...

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