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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Rosencrantz kicks one of the large barrels?
(a) It yells at him.
(b) The lid pops open.
(c) It tips over.
(d) The music stops.

2. What does Rosencrantz answer when Claudius asks where Hamlet is?
(a) That he went to England.
(b) That he is in the library.
(c) That he is under guard.
(d) That he is with the Queen.

3. Beside the two British Ambassadors, what characters from Shakespeare are on stage at the end of the play?
(a) Ophelia and Gertrude
(b) Horatio and Fortinbras
(c) Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony
(d) Othello and Iago

4. As characters enter and exit the stage, what is Rosencrantz's objection?
(a) He complains that people are always coming and going.
(b) He complains that he never gets to lie down and rest.
(c) He complains that he never has time to talk to anyone.
(d) He complains that he cannot remember their names.

5. What props are on the stage as the lights finally come up on Act III?
(a) Three masts and a coiled rope
(b) Three large casks and an umbrella
(c) Three unbrellas and a large box
(d) Three coffins and a deck chair

Short Answer Questions

1. What is seen in their failure to trap Hamlet with their belts?

2. What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern threaten to do to the Player?

3. Why is the troupe in disfavor from the King?

4. Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go?

5. Why does Rosencrantz have a coin in both hands?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice does Rosencrantz give the Player whose troupe is invited to entertain at court?

2. What happens over the subject of money?

3. When Hamlet enters in Act 2, what does he say?

4. When the lights finally do come up in Act 3, what does the audience see?

5. Tell about the dialogue between Rosencrantz and Guildenstern after Rosencrantz insists they have permission to leave.

6. How does the audience know what the stage setting is in Act 3?

7. What clue is there as to Hamlet's mental condition?

8. What does Hamlet ask the Player?

9. How does Rosencrantz sum up their position?

10. What blunder does Rosencrantz make over what he thinks is a woman?

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