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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hamlet slip away from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
(a) When the lights go out, Hamlet disappears.
(b) When they bow low, he walks away and they do not see him.
(c) When the troupe comes between them, Hamlet runs.
(d) When they turn to see Claudius, he slips away quietly.

2. What does Hamlet do with the letter he takes from Guildenstern?
(a) He goes behind the umbrella and reads it.
(b) He wads it up and tosses it into the sea.
(c) He burns it with flame from the lantern.
(d) He tears it into a thousand pieces.

3. What is Rosencrantz's response when Guildenstern asks how his leg feels?
(a) Asleep
(b) Chained down
(c) Heavy
(d) Dead

4. When Hamlet says he will be with them shortly, what do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern do?
(a) Wait for him
(b) Say they will stay by his side
(c) Laugh because they don't believe him
(d) Run off

5. What decision do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern find impossible to make?
(a) Go looking for Hamlet
(b) Leave in opposite directions from each other
(c) Whether to go or stay
(d) Whether to believe anyone who speaks to them

6. What does Rosencrantz realize about the costumes of two of the troupe?
(a) They are identical to his and Guildenstern's
(b) They have been stolen from the palace
(c) They are garments taken from his closet
(d) They are too shabby to wear to court

7. What game do they play to occupy the time?
(a) The guessing game with coins
(b) Twenty questions
(c) The coin spinning game
(d) A game of chess

8. What happens after the Player dies?
(a) He gets up and brushes himself off.
(b) Alfred dances around his body.
(c) Everyone shouts for joy.
(d) They throw him overboard.

9. What does Guildenstern say about death?
(a) He says that death is just a triffle and not worth worring about.
(b) Guildenstern says that death, for them, is not romantic, not a game soon over.
(c) He says that anyone can die but it takes a strong will to live.
(d) He says that even though he is young, he is ready for death.

10. What play does Hamlet ask the Player if his troupe can perform?
(a) A Midsummer Night's Dream
(b) Julius Caesar
(c) The Murder of Gonzago
(d) The Tempest

11. Why is the troupe in disfavor from the King?
(a) He did not like their play.
(b) They got drunk at court.
(c) They insulted Gertrude.
(d) Their costumes were shabby.

12. What does Guildenstern say about Hamlet?
(a) That there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him.
(b) That he is a practical joker.
(c) That he is moody and melancholy.
(d) That he loves to play word games.

13. Why does Guildenstern say they do not need to worry about what to say to the King?
(a) They always think of something.
(b) The soldier will speak for them.
(c) They have a letter from Claudius to the English King.
(d) The King will only want to talk to Hamlet.

14. What does Rosencrantz demand of the troupe?
(a) That they must not mention having met them on the road to the court.
(b) That must provide an excellent performance at court, and may not present their usual smutty acts.
(c) That they use court language when they address Hamlet, Claudius, and Gertrude.
(d) That they clean their costumes before they perform at court.

15. How does Hamlet respond when Guildenstern asks how Hamlet's mother and Uncle are deceived?
(a) With nonsense lines about direction, the wind, and hawks and handsaws
(b) By saying they are trying to kill him
(c) With a line about being and not being which Guildenstern does not understand
(d) By saying they think he is mad

Short Answer Questions

1. To lighten the discussion, what does Rosencrantz tell Guildenstern?

2. What is it that Guildenstern still does not know?

3. As they are discussing the letter, who emerges from behind the umbrellas and walks toward the lantern?

4. Back inside the castle, what does Rosencrantz declare?

5. What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern threaten to do to the Player?

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