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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Player's reaction when Guildenstern says he may be able to use his influence at the court to get them shows?
(a) The Player runs away.
(b) The Player falls at his feet.
(c) The Player doubts his word.
(d) The Player offers to put on a free show for them.

2. How does Rosencrantz show that he is confused?
(a) He asks Guildenstern what his name is.
(b) He asks which way they entered the room.
(c) He cannot remember the coin game
(d) He asks Guildenstern what just happened.

3. What concession do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern make to Claudius and Gertrude?
(a) They will not tell Hamlet what Gertrude said.
(b) They will play one game of coins.
(c) They will get the troupe to help them.
(d) They commit to stay and to do whatever they can do to assist.

4. What is the ridiculous conversation Rosencrantz initiates about fingernails and beards?
(a) Whether they grow at the same rate
(b) Whether they grow before birth and after death
(c) Whether they are like toenails
(d) Whether they should be worn long or short

5. What does Guildenstern continue doing with the coin tosses?
(a) Trying different ways of tossing them
(b) Using only the heaviest coins
(c) Saying a prayer before tossing them
(d) Biting them before tossing them

6. When the troupe runs out of money, what do they offer Guildenstern?
(a) Bread
(b) Alfred
(c) Musical instruments
(d) A show

7. How many times does Rosencrantz say he has won the game?
(a) Eighty five
(b) One hundred
(c) Seventy nine
(d) Fifty six

8. As the scene changes from exterior to interior, who enters the stage?
(a) Anthony and Cleopatra
(b) Ariel and Puck
(c) Hamlet and Ophelia
(d) Romeo and Juliet

9. What question does Guildenstern press on Rosencrantz during their discussion of the game?
(a) If he wants to spin one last coin double or nothing
(b) If he would feel the same having lost that many times
(c) If he wants to spin the coins himself
(d) If he knows any other game they could play

10. What happens when the troupe sees the coin?
(a) They laugh and turn to leave.
(b) They beg the Player to take it.
(c) They spit on the coin.
(d) They dive for it.

11. How does Guildenstern win money from the Player and the troupe?
(a) He plays a shell game.
(b) He calls all coin tosses as heads.
(c) He bets they cannot guess his birthday.
(d) He calls all coin tosses as tails.

12. How does Hamlet react when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern confront him?
(a) Hamlet asks them what they are doing at court.
(b) Hamlet refers to them as friends and asks how they are.
(c) Hamlet shouts and runs off stage.
(d) Hamlet does not recognize them.

13. What does the Player say to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern upon meeting them on the road?
(a) That it is a lucky thing they came along.
(b) That there are highwaymen about.
(c) That there is strength in numbers.
(d) They he is surprised to find gentlemen there.

14. What is Rosencrantz's reply when Guildenstern asks if he contradicts himself?
(a) Rosencrantz asks if he is talking to him.
(b) Rosencrantz assures him he is not.
(c) Rosencrantz pretends he doesn't hear Guildenstern.
(d) Rosencrantz asks what they have to go on.

15. What is odd about the gambling game Guildenstern plays with Rosencrantz?
(a) The coins seem to disappear.
(b) The coins never leave Guildenstern's hand.
(c) The coins are made of wood.
(d) The coins all come up heads.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Rosencrantz begins saying he is afraid, what is it he was going to say before Guildenstern stops him?

2. How is the Player still trying to appeal to prurient interest to get more money?

3. How does Guildenstern question what is happening with the game?

4. Who are the well-dressed Elizabethan gentlemen at the opening of the play?

5. What is the fanciful conversation started by Guildenstern when Rosencrantz hears a sound.

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