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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, p. 84-95.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Guildenstern see the way the game keeps going?
(a) He sees it as odd, perhaps an omen.
(b) He think Rosencrantz is cheating, but he cannot prove it.
(c) He thinks he must continue to entertain Rosencrantz.
(d) He does not think about it.

2. As characters enter and exit the stage, what is Rosencrantz's objection?
(a) He complains that he never has time to talk to anyone.
(b) He complains that people are always coming and going.
(c) He complains that he never gets to lie down and rest.
(d) He complains that he cannot remember their names.

3. Why does Rosencrantz's answer please Guildenstern?
(a) It assures him that the law of self interest is still working.
(b) It tells him that no natural laws are at work at the moment.
(c) It tells him that Rosencrantz is hiding a secret.
(d) It tells him that he will soon start winning.

4. After speaking with Hamlet, what is the condition of Guildenstern and Rosencrantz?
(a) They are confused.
(b) They are happy.
(c) They are satisfied.
(d) They think they know the answer.

5. How does Guildenstern summarize that day?
(a) They were awakened at dawn with a message, a summons, and a new record for heads and tails.
(b) they were sleeping and suddenly found themselves on a road they don't know.
(c) Right after breakfast they got a summons for jury duty.
(d) They got a message to come quickly but it did not tell them where.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Guildenstern reply to Rosencrantz's idea about how Guildenstern must be feeling?

2. Up to this point, how have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern proven to be?

3. When the King wants to see Hamlet, what does Rosencrantz do?

4. What are Guildenstern's suggestions for him and Rosencrantz in this strange situation?

5. Trying to determine what Rosencrantz wants to see, what does the Player mention not too subtly?

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