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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, p. 34-53.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Guildenstern put to Rosencrantz about language?
(a) If he feels more comfortable speaking French.
(b) If ordinary words often sound strange to him.
(c) If he sometimes forgets what he wanted to say.
(d) If he knows the word for housewife in Danish.

2. What is Alfred's response when Guildenstern suggests they could set a dramatic precedent?
(a) He begins to cry.
(b) He asks what a precedent is.
(c) He runs for his costume.
(d) He starts dancing around.

3. As Rosencrantz and Guildenstern practice questioning one another, how do they keep score?
(a) They get ten points for each unanswerable question.
(b) Rosencrantz gives guildenstern a coin for each correct answer.
(c) They make tally marks on the ground.
(d) Rosencrantz uses tennis term to keep score, but nothing makes sense.

4. When the time theory is disproved, what does Guildenstern think of next?
(a) Leprechauns
(b) Pixies
(c) Mental telepathy
(d) Divine intervention

5. As the scene changes from exterior to interior, who enters the stage?
(a) Romeo and Juliet
(b) Hamlet and Ophelia
(c) Anthony and Cleopatra
(d) Ariel and Puck

Short Answer Questions

1. What indicates that Guildenstern may also be a bit confused?

2. What is the Player's apology to Guildenstern and Rosencrantz?

3. What is Rosencrantz's observation about Hamlet?

4. What does Guildenstern suggest they do with Hamlet?

5. When the troupe runs out of money, what do they offer Guildenstern?

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