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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, p. 55-84.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Guildenstern assures Rosencrantz that they will be all right, what is Rosencrantz's reply?
(a) Rosencrantz asks how he knows that.
(b) Rosencrantz says that is easy for him to say.
(c) Rosencrantz says he has gotten them into a fine mess.
(d) Rosencrantz asks for how long.

2. How is it obvious that the two men have been playing the gambling game for a long time?
(a) Rosencrantz keeps saying he is tired of playing the game.
(b) Guildenstern asks Rosencrantz to loan him more coins.
(c) There are coins scattered all over the stage.
(d) Guildenstern's bag is nearly empty while Rosencrantz's bag is full.

3. What question does Guildenstern put to Rosencrantz about language?
(a) If ordinary words often sound strange to him.
(b) If he feels more comfortable speaking French.
(c) If he sometimes forgets what he wanted to say.
(d) If he knows the word for housewife in Danish.

4. What is Rosencrantz's reaction to the way the game keeps going?
(a) He is a little embarrassed because he keeps winning.
(b) He is upset because Guildenstern will run out of coins.
(c) He laughs and whistles every time he wins a coin.
(d) He thinks something is odd about the game.

5. What is Polonius' message for Claudius?
(a) That the ambassadors from Norway have returned
(b) That Ophelia has lost her mind
(c) That the Danish army is revolting
(d) That Hamlet is suicidal

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the source of the sounds Rosencrantz had heard?

2. What question does Guildenstern press on Rosencrantz during their discussion of the game?

3. Still trying to explain his run of bad luck, why does Guildenstern think about time?

4. What is Rosencrantz's observation about Hamlet?

5. Why does Rosencrantz's answer please Guildenstern?

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