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Act 1, p. 1-20

• The play opens with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern playing a gambling game with coins.

• The coins always come up heads and Rosencrantz wins.

• Guildenstern tries to analyze what is going on, but Rosencrantz is simply enjoying himself.

• Guildenstern begins to show a great deal of apprehension.
• The two men get into a conflict regarding the game.

• Guildenstern is not concerned about losing, but he is perturbed that Rosencrantz does not notice the obvious.

• Rosencrantz avers that if he were losing, he would definitely examine the coins.

• Guildenstern is comforted that that self-interest is still predictable, even if the laws of probability seem to have been suspended.
• The conversation turns to fear and Rosencrantz does not understand why they are talking about it.

• Guildenstern gives a hint that he is worried about their safety.

• The game continues with the same results and Guildenstern continues to rationalize it...

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