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Marco Denevi
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rosaura confess about her name?
(a) She pretended to be Rosaura but never wrote any letters.
(b) She only called herself Rosaura to throw her father off if he found her old letters.
(c) Marta is her real name.
(d) Aracely is her real name.

2. How does Mrs. Milagros compare Rosaura's appearance in person with her portrait?
(a) She is far taller in real life than Mrs. Milagros would have guessed.
(b) She is fatter in real life.
(c) She is uglier than Mrs. Milagros expected.
(d) She is more beautiful in real life.

3. What do Mrs. Milagros' daughters comment about how Rosaura spoke the first night she arrived at the boarding house?
(a) She never spoke.
(b) She was talkative.
(c) She seemed to lie.
(d) She did not have the same vocabulary as in the letters.

4. Who is interviewed in Part III?
(a) Eufrasia.
(b) Camilo.
(c) Mrs. Milagros.
(d) Rosaura.

5. What does Mrs. Milagros worry about taking to the wedding?
(a) Wine.
(b) Paper.
(c) Food.
(d) Identification.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Mrs. Milagros hide Rosaura?

2. Which of the following best characterizes Mrs. Milagros' attitude toward her daughters gossiping about Rosaura?

3. What does the investigator notice about Camilo's fingers?

4. Who does Eufrasia claim may hold the key to the investigation?

5. What is the first place that Rosaura describes going in town?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Eufrasia claim that the boarding house maid reacts to Camilo's wedding?

2. In Part IV, how does Eufrasia describe knowing that something was not quite right in Camilo's description of his relationship with Rosaura?

3. How does Camilo describe the way in which Rosaura came into his life in Part III?

4. How does Elsa speak?

5. How does Camilo's idealized mental version of Rosaura compare to who she is in reality?

6. What clues are there in Part I, Chapter 9 that Camilo and Rosa's relationship is not what it seems?

7. How does Mrs. Milagros describe the wedding and the party afterward?

8. How does Eufrasia describe the day of the fight that Mrs. Milagros and David Reguel also testify about?

9. Describe David Reguel's language.

10. How does Camilo speak about art to the inspector? What does he say about modern art?

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