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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the significance of a wrestler picking up the headpiece of a village girl?

2. What question is NOT asked of the boys of Kunta's group upon their graduation?

3. What is Kunta wearing when he wakes after his attack?

4. What is Kunta's punishment upon his capture?

5. What does Kunta vow that he will do if he ever again returns to his village?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kunta remember that his father had told him about being willing to give and accept?

2. What does Fiddler say to Kunta when Kunta finally wakes from his coma during his bout with the fever?

3. What are some of the sounds Kunta misses from his home during the quiet times on the planation?

4. How do Kunta's friends act upon his return?

5. How does Will Palmer come to be so respected that he's offered the chance to buy the lumber mill?

6. When George hears that there has been a threat of an uprising that resulted in an order for blacks to remain in their cabins at his plantation, what is his reaction and what does he eventually realize about that reaction?

7. What is the skill Bell has that she keeps hidden from Kunta and why?

8. How does George come to know the identity of his father?

9. How does the relationship between Kunta and Lamin begin to develop as Kunta ages?

10. How does George become the source of news for the slaves ion the plantation where Kizzy lives?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After twenty years, Kunta says that he suddenly realizes that he has lost himself. What is it that he feels has happened to him after his years in slavery and what is the impact on him?

Essay Topic 2

How do the attitudes of the blacks change when they are freed? Compare that to the attitudes of the whites over the following years.

Essay Topic 3

How does Kunta come to marry Bell? What are his reservations about that step?

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