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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many cocks does George plan to take with him on the trip to New Orleans?
(a) Twelve
(b) Eight
(c) Twenty
(d) Seven

2. Where does Kizzy discover she is now living with the new master?
(a) Virginia
(b) South Carolina
(c) Georgia
(d) North Carolina

3. What is the gift Tom plans to make for Irene?
(a) A quilting frame
(b) A carved mortar and pestle
(c) A rose of iron
(d) A clock

4. What is the name of the master's niece of whom he is overly fond?
(a) Belinda
(b) Janet
(c) Margaret
(d) Anne

5. Who has the biggest cabin among the slave quarters?
(a) Fiddler
(b) Anne
(c) Bell
(d) Kunta

6. What does the master name Kizzy's son?
(a) Kunta
(b) George
(c) Buck
(d) Abraham

7. What is it that George shows the master in an effort to sell the idea of Tom becoming a blacksmith?
(a) A pitcher made of a cowhorn
(b) A pitcher made of wire
(c) A pitcher made of a broken shovel
(d) A pitcher made of brass

8. Why is the name Virgil given to George and Matilda's son?
(a) It is Matilda's father's name.
(b) It was the name of the man who previously owned Matilda.
(c) It was George's father's name.
(d) The master selects it.

9. How old is Kizzy's son when he begins working in the field?
(a) Five
(b) Four
(c) Six
(d) Eight

10. What does Mingo say was the nickname given to the girl he slipped off to see as a young man?
(a) Brown Sugar
(b) Blue Eyes
(c) Blacksnake
(d) Black Beauty

11. Why does Kunta feel uneasy about Missy Anne's teaching Kizzy the letters of the alphabet?
(a) He says Kizzy is learning toubob things.
(b) He does not want Kizzy to play when she should be working.
(c) He is afraid she will be punished for learning.
(d) He does not believe girls should be educated.

12. What does Matilda say is her only wish on the morning of the first service in the new church?
(a) That they had the rest of their children with them.
(b) That the family would always remain together.
(c) That Kizzy was with them.
(d) That the children would be forever this happy.

13. What is the contraption Amos describes that sounds like a cricket?
(a) A telegraph
(b) A sewing machine
(c) A washing machine
(d) An anvil

14. What is the name given to George and Matilda's fourth son?
(a) George
(b) Toby
(c) Kunta
(d) Tom

15. How does George die?
(a) Has a heart attack and dies in his sleep.
(b) Wanders off alone and is found dead later.
(c) Catches a chill and dies three days later.
(d) Falls in the fire and succumbs to his burns.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the one thing Kunta believes he has kept despite having lost his African heritage?

2. What had been the cause of the gardener's disability?

3. What is it that the slave named Noah tells Kunta that he plans to do?

4. Why does Kizzy not offer to teach her son to read and write?

5. What is the name of the organization that proposes a mass return of blacks to Africa?

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