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1. How does Kunta's father console Kunta upon the death of his grandmother?

Kunta's father tells him that there are three groups of people who live in every village. The groups are comprised of those you can see, the ancestors, and those waiting to be born

2. What is the story about Kunta's grandfather's role in Kunta's people?

Kunta is told the story at a young age that his grandfather was sent by Allah to the tribe during a drought, that he prayed for five days, and that the prayer saved the village.

3. How is Kunta's name revealed?

Omoro whispers the name, first to the child, then to Binta, then to the arafang before it is announced to the people.

4. How is the land prepared for the annual planting season?

Large piles of dry weeds are set afire so that the ashes will drift onto the soil, providing nourishment needed for a good growing season.

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