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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 81-90.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question is NOT asked of the boys of Kunta's group upon their graduation?
(a) How to write their names in Arabic
(b) A math problem about monkeys and ground nuts
(c) How to decipher the message of the village drum
(d) About the work of their ancestors

2. Why are battles begun late in the day?
(a) Because Allah is with the attackers at that time of day.
(b) So that the attackers could use the setting sun to confuse the enemy.
(c) So that the losing enemy could save face by retreating into the darkness.
(d) So that the battle could not go on too long.

3. What hope does Kunta hold even when he realizes he can never return to Juffure?
(a) That he can have a family of his own.
(b) That Allah will not let him die in captivity.
(c) That he can learn to live happily in his new role.
(d) That he can at least escape and live in the forests of this new land.

4. What does Kunta learn is the reason that Fiddler is no longer playing for the slaves?
(a) He is planning to leave the plantation.
(b) He is getting too old to play well.
(c) He is angry at Kunta.
(d) He is paid to play for the whites and is worn out.

5. Why do the young men grow lots of food?
(a) To trade for things they can't grow
(b) To feed their families
(c) To provide for the village
(d) To entice game

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Kunta told he should put away the African charm he wears?

2. Who tells the slaves about the Manumission Act that allows masters to free their slaves?

3. What are the men of the village talking about when Kunta finds himself gathered around their fire?

4. What is the first job Kunta is given after he begins his recovery?

5. What does the master leave each time he comes to Kizzy's bed?

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