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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 81-90.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kunta learn is the purpose of the trip being taken by the three young men who arrive one day at his village?
(a) They are searching for gold.
(b) They are searching for wives.
(c) They have run away from slavers.
(d) They are looking for Kunta's father.

2. How is Kunta told that a griot learns his skill?
(a) By spending time with the minds of the ancestors.
(b) By reading the written ancestry of the tribes.
(c) By studying with the elder griots.
(d) By traveling from tribe to tribe and learning from tribe elders.

3. What does the master leave each time he comes to Kizzy's bed?
(a) A coin
(b) Extra food
(c) A trinket
(d) Nothing

4. Why do the young men grow lots of food?
(a) To provide for the village
(b) To feed their families
(c) To trade for things they can't grow
(d) To entice game

5. What job does George come to have as his permanent assignment?
(a) Working in the fields
(b) He has no permanent job
(c) Working with the gamecocks
(d) Working as the houseboy for dinner parties

Short Answer Questions

1. What question is NOT asked of the boys of Kunta's group upon their graduation?

2. Where is Kunta to live when he returns to the village after his manhood training?

3. What do the elders say is the advantage the toubob have over the tribes of Africans?

4. What does Mingo say was the nickname given to the girl he slipped off to see as a young man?

5. What does Fiddler do to make his fingers nimble again?

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