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Make a Costume

Have students create a costume of traditional clothing from a particular slave era. To spice up this activity, hold a pageant with a prize for the best costume. (Notify your school newspaper or your local newspaper of the contest.)

Rhyme It

Create a poem about some particular point in time. Kunta's trip across the ocean or the loss of their daughter are possible options.

Make a Sales Brochure

Create a sales brochure for one of the plantations on which Kunta lived. Highlight the potential, such as the particular crops grown.

Fill it In

Fill in the gaps in some particular scene. Kunta's trip to America, Kunta's life after the loss of Kizzy or Bell's childhood are among the possibilities.

Guess Who

Assign one student to be a particular character but allow only that student to know the identification. Have members of the class take turns...

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