Roots Character Descriptions

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Bell - The plantation cook who becomes the wife of the man known as the African.

Nyo Boto - An old woman who cares for the children and who fears no one.

The Fiddler - The man who earns money to buy his freedom only to be told that the price has increased.

Chicken George - The flamboyant grandson of the man known as the African who becomes an expert trainer of gamecocks.

Alex Haley - The author of Roots.

Simon Haley - A railroad employee who becomes a professor.

0l'George Johnson - A white man who becomes the overseer and earns the respect of the slaves by working hard and never exhibiting any prejudice.

Binta Kinte - The mother of Lamin, Suwadu and Madi.

Janneh Kinte - Uncle of the man who is eventually captured and becomes known as the African and the son of...

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