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Chapters 1-10

• Kunta is born in 1750 in a village in Gambia, West Africa.

• Kunta and other children learn about Kunta's grandfather and namesake and his importance in their village.

• He later has a baby brother, Lamin.

• At four, Kunta has the job of leading visitors to their village.

• Kunta soon begins school and takes on the responsibility of caring for goats.

Chapters 11-20

• Kunta and Lamin become closer as hard times befall the village and the two brothers spend more time together.

• Kunta and his father travel to another village where Kunta realizes that his grandfather was a great man.

• Kunta comes to understand the importance of Islam in the lives of his people.

Chapters 21-30

• Kunta and others of the tribe undergo manhood training that takes them from their homes and families for four months.

• The training is brutal but Kunta thrives, soon becoming a leader.

• Kunta...

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