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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Cecil tire of listening to in Chapter 15?

2. Who is irritated that Lucy is keeping the broken engagement a secret?

3. What class of citizen builds on Windy Corner following the first home?

4. Who is labeled as "fun" at the beginning of Chapter 10?

5. Why does Mr. Emerson want George near to him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The position of womanhood in society is explained at the beginning of Chapter 4. Lucy is described as caught between being medieval and modern, two very different lifestyles.

1) Describe the difference between these two categories.

2) Cite three examples from the novel where Lucy is considered medieval or modern.

3) Based on the society Lucy lives in, which is the more appropriate lifestyle for Lucy to follow?

Essay Topic 2

Society is an important aspect that is trying to shape the character Lucy in "A Room with a View".

1) Describe the type of society Lucy is born into.

2) Discuss the expectations society has for Lucy.

3) Analyze whether Lucy's actions are a result of trying to conform to or resist societal expectations.

Essay Topic 3

Cecil is a character who verbally claims to be a forward-thinker who believes in spontaneity and passion. Cecil's actions do not demonstrate this to be true. Cite and analyze three examples from the story where Cecil's actions are not in alignment with what he says.

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