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Short Answer Questions

1. What "priceless possession" does Italy offer Lucy?

2. What happens to the lake the day after the swim?

3. What is on the door of the Emerson's home?

4. In Chapter 20, who is Lucy afraid is angry with her?

5. Why is Lucy keeping her broken engagement a secret?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cecil is a character who verbally claims to be a forward-thinker who believes in spontaneity and passion. Cecil's actions do not demonstrate this to be true. Cite and analyze three examples from the story where Cecil's actions are not in alignment with what he says.

Essay Topic 2

Although much emphasis is placed on propriety in "A Room with a View", there are several instances where the characters blatantly insult each other. Cite three examples where the characters experience a confrontation. Analyze the following:

1) What is the confrontation and who is involved?

2) Do the characters involved try to avoid the confrontation or invoke it?

3) Does the confrontation seem appropriate based on the rules of society?

4) How is the confrontation resolved?

Essay Topic 3

Lucy lies frequently throughout "A Room with a View", both to herself and those around her. Choose an instance where Lucy tells a lie and analyze the following:

1) Why is the lie told?

2) What is Lucy trying to hide?

3) What would have been the consequence if Lucy had told the truth?

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