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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Bartlett discover after unpacking?

2. Miss Alan suggests impulses like Mr. Emerson's should be considered what?

3. Following the group ride out to the country, Miss Bartlett decides to take Lucy where?

4. Who does Lucy receive letters from?

5. What does Mr. Emerson show Lucy at the church?

Short Essay Questions

1. The final chapter in A Room with a View takes place back in Italy. What does this location change symbolize?

2. What dramatic event happens in Chapter 4? What does Lucy say to George regarding the event?

3. Miss Alans refers to the stomach as "S". What does this demonstrate about Miss Alans and her expectations of society?

4. What does the driver at the end of Chapter 20 symbolize?

5. What does George do to Lucy's photographs? What does this act symbolize?

6. The first chapter of Room with a View is set in Florence, Italy. What type of city is Florence and why might this have been chosen as the setting?

7. Who does Lucy recommend Mr. Beebe rent his villa out to and why?

8. Why does Mr. Emerson express pity for Lucy in Chapter 2?

9. What is the result of the view Mr. Eager shares with Lucy?

10. George experiences a change in Chapter 4. What is it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"A Room with a View" is both the title of the novel and a metaphor for life. Explain what is meant by a room with a view. Cite three examples from the novel where a room with or without a view is mentioned and why.

Essay Topic 2

Location is used as a literary device throughout "A Room with a View". The novel opens in Florence, Italy, a city world-renowned for its beauty and passion. Discuss the various locations throughout the novel and how they serve to mirror the internal transformations that are taking place inside of Lucy.

Essay Topic 3

Although much emphasis is placed on propriety in "A Room with a View", there are several instances where the characters blatantly insult each other. Cite three examples where the characters experience a confrontation. Analyze the following:

1) What is the confrontation and who is involved?

2) Do the characters involved try to avoid the confrontation or invoke it?

3) Does the confrontation seem appropriate based on the rules of society?

4) How is the confrontation resolved?

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