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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Cecil and Mr. Beebe gossip about?

2. Mr. Emerson believes George should still be happy within what?

3. Why does Mr. Eager get angry when he is walking through town with Lucy and Miss Bartlett?

4. When Miss Bartlett accepts the room with a view, why is the owner of the room not there to receive her acceptance?

5. Who snubs Mr. Emerson at the church?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Emerson suggest to Lucy regarding the character George?

2. Why does Lucy feel close to Miss Bartlett following Lucy's kiss with George?

3. Why does Cecil want the Emersons to move into the villa? What does Cecil attribute Lucy's negative response to the situation as?

4. What subject regarding the Emersons is debated by Lucy and some of the guests at the Pension? Why?

5. At what point in the story does Lucy declare her love for Cecil and why?

6. Why does Lucy ignore Miss Bartlett's advice to share her history with George?

7. What are reasons Lucy gives Cecil for breaking off their engagement?

8. When Mrs. Honeychurch compares Lucy to Miss Bartlett, how does Lucy respond and why? What does this comparison lead to?

9. Lucy and Cecil discuss Lucy's comfort level with Cecil on a walk through the woods. Lucy admits she prefers Cecil in what environment?

10. Who does Lucy recommend Mr. Beebe rent his villa out to and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of "A Room with a View", Mr. Emerson is accused through gossip of killing his wife. Later in the novel, Lucy understands what really happened. What really happens and why is it said in society that Mr. Emerson killed his wife?

Essay Topic 2

George and Cecil are two men that compete for Lucy's love. These two characters are very different, in both action and word. Analyze the differences in these characters and ultimately, why one of them is the right match for Lucy.

Essay Topic 3

Phaeton and Persephone are symbolic characters. Discuss the following:

1) Who are Phaeton and Persephone in Greek Mythology?

2) What do these characters represent in "A Room with a View"?

3) Why is their presence appropriate at the point they appear within the story?

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