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Short Answer Questions

1. When Lucy reacts as she does to George's unhappiness, Mr. Emerson accuses Lucy of being what?

2. At the church, Lucy tells Mr. Emerson that George should do what, upon hearing of his unhappiness?

3. Miss Alan suggests impulses like Mr. Emerson's should be considered what?

4. What do Lucy and Miss Bartlett argue about at breakfast?

5. Why does Miss Bartlett immediately decline the offer for a room with a view?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it ironic that Cecil tries to lead Lucy and Mrs. Honeychurch away from the men in the lake?

2. What does the driver at the end of Chapter 20 symbolize?

3. When Lucy gets lost in Chapter 2, what is the end result? Why is this significant?

4. Why is it difficult for Lucy to express how music makes her feel inside?

5. When Miss Bartlett does not speak with the Emersons at church, choosing instead to go to the carriage, what does Lucy realize?

6. Why does Lucy feel close to Miss Bartlett following Lucy's kiss with George?

7. What aspects of society does the character Miss Bartlett represent?

8. Although it may seem adventurous to travel to Greece, Lucy desires to go for a different purpose altogether. What is it?

9. What does it symbolize when Lucy stops playing Beethoven on the piano?

10. Why does Cecil want the Emersons to move into the villa? What does Cecil attribute Lucy's negative response to the situation as?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lucy lies frequently throughout "A Room with a View", both to herself and those around her. Choose an instance where Lucy tells a lie and analyze the following:

1) Why is the lie told?

2) What is Lucy trying to hide?

3) What would have been the consequence if Lucy had told the truth?

Essay Topic 2

What is Miss Bartlett's attitude towards men? How does Miss Bartlett's opinion of men affect Lucy? Are there examples in the story where Lucy is similar in her attitude towards men? What are they?

Essay Topic 3

Phaeton and Persephone are symbolic characters. Discuss the following:

1) Who are Phaeton and Persephone in Greek Mythology?

2) What do these characters represent in "A Room with a View"?

3) Why is their presence appropriate at the point they appear within the story?

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