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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Medieval woman said to want?
(a) Protection.
(b) A family.
(c) Shelter.
(d) Finery.

2. At the church, Lucy tells Mr. Emerson that George should do what, upon hearing of his unhappiness?
(a) Pray more often.
(b) Go to confession.
(c) Find a hobby.
(d) Leave town.

3. What does Lucy ask Miss Alan about the Emersons?
(a) If they are wealthy.
(b) If they are nice.
(c) If George is single.
(d) If they are royalty.

4. What do Lucy and Miss Bartlett argue about at breakfast?
(a) London.
(b) The weather.
(c) What to do for the day.
(d) Religion.

5. Following the group ride out to the country, Miss Bartlett decides to take Lucy where?
(a) Rome.
(b) Home.
(c) The nunnery.
(d) Shopping.

Short Answer Questions

1. The character proposing to Lucy is described as what?

2. While Lucy packs, where does Miss Bartlett take George for a conversation?

3. What do Lucy and Miss Bartlett complain about at their meal?

4. Is the proposal Lucy receives her first proposal from this suitor?

5. The tea at the end of Chapter 8 is fun but has an undercurrent of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do violets represent in Room with a View? Where are they mentioned prior to Chapter 6?

2. Where does the second part of the novel take place and what does this location represent in terms of Lucy's womanhood?

3. At what point in the story does Lucy declare her love for Cecil and why?

4. Phaeton is bribed with a coin to keep silent about Lucy and George. Why is this ironic?

5. Why is it ironic that Cecil is the one who facilitates the Emersons' move to the villa?

6. What does Mr. Emerson suggest to Lucy regarding the character George?

7. What is the result of the view Mr. Eager shares with Lucy?

8. What aspects of society does the character Miss Bartlett represent?

9. Why does Lucy want to keep Miss Bartlett from coming to visit once the Emersons have moved into the villas?

10. The final chapter in A Room with a View takes place back in Italy. What does this location change symbolize?

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