A Room with a View Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. The first chapter of Room with a View is set in Florence, Italy. What type of city is Florence and why might this have been chosen as the setting?

Florence, Italy is a beautiful, artistic, and passionate setting. In Chapter 1, there is discord between those who seek out the beauty of the world and those who are wrapped up in what society expects they should see. The use of Florence as a backdrop immediately highlights this dichotomy.

2. What aspects of society does the character Miss Bartlett represent?

Miss Bartlett is proper, polite, and traditional. Therefore, she represents conventional society.

3. In the beginning of Chapter 1, there is much offense taken between the characters. Who is offended and why?

Miss Bartlett is offended at the improper way Mr. Emerson offers to trade rooms with her and Lucy. When Mr. Beebe suggests that Mr. Emerson meant no offense, Miss Bartlett is again offended. Miss Bartlett feels Mr. Beebe is suggesting she apologize to Mr. Emerson. Miss Bartlett's reaction ends up offending Mr. Beebe, who was simply trying to help.

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