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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miss Bartlett take the larger room with a view?
(a) She feels it is inappropriate for Lucy to sleep where George has slept.
(b) The room has a larger lock and is safer.
(c) The room is damp and she does not want Lucy to catch a chill.
(d) She's selfish.

2. Where does Lucy go with Miss Bartlett at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) On a long shopping excursion.
(b) To a recital.
(c) On a gondola ride.
(d) Riding.

3. Where does Cecil meet the Emersons?
(a) Out walking.
(b) The National Gallery.
(c) The Opera.
(d) Church.

4. What do Mr. Beebe and Mr. Emerson speak of during Chapter 12?
(a) The criminality of politicians.
(b) Taxes.
(c) The beauties of nature.
(d) Society.

5. When Lucy is requested to dress for dinner in Chapter 13, she does what instead?
(a) Looks out the hallway window.
(b) Pays a visit to George.
(c) Writes a letter to George.
(d) Cries in her bedroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who composes the music Lucy plays at her welcome party?

2. What is the Modern woman said to want?

3. Mr. Emerson believes George should still be happy within what?

4. When Lucy and Cecil kiss at the end of Chapter 9, how is it described?

5. What type of paper does Mr. Eager claim Mr. Emerson once worked for?

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